April - 11th-12th 2015



This workshop will be held in and around the wonderful coastline of Pas de Calais in the North of France.

We will spend the two days shooting around the port of Calais and the surrounding areas, from sunrise until sunset, high tide to low tide, and hopefully with some wonderful morning or evening sea mist thrown in too.  

Shooting the now famous beach huts, the sea groynes as well as the beautiful coastal dunes.  

These photography workshops are for anyone interested in exploring the world of Fine Art Long Exposure Black and White or Colour photography, from beginners wanting to learn a new type and style of photography to those wishing to take their photography to another level. 

The workshop will start with a presentation on Saturday morning on the craft of Long Exposure photography, this will include :

1 - Composition.

2 - Finding your vision.

3 - Choosing which lenses to use. 

4 - Neutral density filters.

5 - Shooting in RAW format and it's importance during post processing.  

6 - Black and White processing. 


  • A DSLR or medium format  camera (digital or film) with a bulb mode setting. (check your camera manual functions)
  • A wide angle lens :  preferably a small zoom between 16-50 mm on a full frame camera or a 10-24mm on a APS-C camera, these types of lenses are more flexible for the types of shots we will be shooting and i highly recommend this. You can also use a fixed wide angle lens if you don't have a zoom lens.
  • A tripod. This is essential for any long exposure work.
  • Remote cable release or remote control, or even a smart-phone triggering device like TriggerTrap (this is a free application which you can download through their site, also you will need to buy an additional cable, again through their site) .
  •  A 10 stops ND (Neutral Density) filter would be a minimum requirement, as we will be shooting during the day with varying light conditions, an aditional  3 stop, 2 stop or 1  stop filters, or a 6 stops ND filter to be able to make between 13 - 16 stops in total.
  • These types of filters are available from a number of manufacturers, ie : Lee FiltersB+W and Formatt Hitech (check your local camera store for details).
  • Appropriate clothing. The nature of landscape photography means that workshops will inevitably take place in locations where we are often at the mercy of natural elements such as weather, tides and terrain. As such appropriate waterproof clothing, strong footwear such as walking boots and general protection from these elements should be kept in mind.  (See terms and conditions section below).

If you want me to do a review of your work, please bring along your images or prints and i will gladly go through your work and look at what area's you are not sure about, to help you get the best out of your photography.



Below are some examples of images and are used to give you an idea of the style of images we will be shooting on the Seascape workshops. 

 ( i shot these around various locations in the UK and Europe )


400 Euros.png

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Please also note that I retain the right to refuse any booking.

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1 - Unfortunately I am unable to refund your deposit under any circumstances as I am highly likely to have already incurred up-front costs such as booking hotel accommodation, tickets for travel and so on in order to facilitate the workshop. 

2 - I will make every effort to replace you on the workshop - if this is possible I will refund any balance to you over and above your deposit. If your place cannot be filled in time, I will be unable to make any refund. Unfortunately any payments are not transferable to another event. 

3 - No refunds are available should you decide to leave the workshop early on the day for any reason.

4 - In the event of a lower than anticipated number of people signing up for any given workshop the event will be cancelled, then all fees will be refunded in full.

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